St Margaret's Church Ipswich

About us

These pages give information about St Margaret's: its people, the services, our music and the church building.


We acknowledge Jesus Christ as Saviour and believe that He is at work in our world today through the power of the Holy Spirit - changing people, healing them and setting them free to serve Him. The main basis for our belief is the teaching of the Bible, inspired by God to show us His will for our lives


St Margaret’s Church family seeks to be:

Focussed on Christ ... so we are
Transformed to be like Christ ... so we
Serve others like Christ ... so we
Introduce others to Christ ... so we bring
Glory to God through Christ

Focussed on Christ
To focus on Christ as head of the church so that in all we do we are seeking to glorify God rather than ourselves.

This is done by:
• Helping people express their love for God in heart, soul, mind and strength.
• Encouraging and stimulating people in their relationship with God by engaging with His Word.

• Encouraging prayer to be at the centre of the life of our church.
• Encouraging prayer to be at the centre of our personal lives.

Transformed to be like Christ
To nurture individuals so that through the power of the Holy Spirit we become more like Christ.

This is done by
• Being biblical, stimulating, engaging, challenging, envisioning and equipping in preaching and home groups.
• Encouraging people to study the bible on their own and apply it to their life.

• Equipping people to grow in their faith (according to the maturity of their faith).
• Encouraging the development and use of gifts and abilities.
• Helping people to be confident in articulating the Gospel message.

Serve others like Christ
To become increasingly outward looking in our ministry so that we share Christ’s nature with others.

This is done by
• Supporting and encouraging each other in our faith.

Serving the church:
• Encouraging the use of the gifts God has given us to build up and support the church community practically.
• Encouraging financial support of our ministry.

Serving the community:
• Encourage the use of the gifts God has given us to meet some of the needs of the parish and local community.

Introducing others to Christ
To offer people opportunities to come to know Jesus so that they discover His love, forgiveness and new life.

This is done by:
Personal Evangelism:
• Encouraging people to share the Gospel with friends and family.

Evangelistic Services:
• Providing a specifically evangelistic message within some services.

Evangelistic Events:
• Providing opportunities to introduce the Gospel message to people through various events.

Evangelistic Courses:
• Providing regular opportunities to join a course designed to explore the Gospel message in depth.

Bring glory to God through Christ
In this way all aspects of our lives will become focused on Christ so that by rejoicing in God’s love we fulfil our ultimate purpose of bringing glory to God through the Holy Spirit’s ongoing gracious work in our lives.

Pattern of our Services