St Margaret's Church Ipswich


St Margaret's Church is a beautiful, Grade 1 listed building with a history dating back 800 years.


The present organ, by J W Walker & Sons started life as a two-manual organ installed in 1859 at Holy Trinity, Bedford. It has been modified since then and was purchased by St Margaret's Church in 1981 and installed by Bishop and Son, Ipswich.

Recently, it has been extensivley refurbished by Bishop and Son. A record of the work carried out is available as a PDF document which can be downloaded here (produced from a PowerPoint presentation).


The oldest part of St. Margaret’s Church dates back to the end of the 13th century, and was built by the Priors of Holy Trinity Priory to house the growing town population which could not longer be accommodated in the nave of the Priory Church.  The nave arcades, doorways and the windows in the north aisle are all that is left of that first church.

About 1450 the nave walls were cut away to put in the clerestory windows, and the double hammer-beam roof was constructed.  The roof panels were painted towards the end of the 17th century and have recently been restored.  The decorative scheme in this roof is unparalleled and therefore of national importance.

In 1800 twisted iron stays were introduced to prevent the walls from splaying out under the weight of the roof.  The south elevation and the rebuilt, higher tower are Victorian alterations and additions.

In 1996, an updated guide booklet was issued and made available to the public. This is now available as a PDF booklet (a 20Mb download) by clicking here.

A First World War memorial was added after the Great war.

A small extension was added in 2005 with toilets and kitchen area and the chapel area was re-furbished in 2007. 

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