St Margaret's Church Ipswich

St Margaret's Church Centre

The Church Centre provides a large hall, comfortable lounge, well-equipped kitchen and other meeting rooms. 

Located on Bolton Lane, almost opposite the Church and next to St Margaret's School, the address is 22 Bolton Lane, Ipswich IP4 2BT. 

It is used for a variety of church events, by church-based groups and other community groups.  Although busy, we are often able to accept bookings for regular and one-off events. 

Parties are generally confined to those for primary school children or younger. The premises are in a residential area and are not suitable for evening parties with music; all events must finish by 11pm. There are restrictions on the consumption of alcohol.

Parking within the Church Centre is extremely limited and only available with specific authorisation.  A map showing the local car parks can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

St Margaret's School (next door) may be able to provide parking for your function - they can be contacted on 01473 251613 or  Again, all parking must be pre-arranged and authorised by them.

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Click here for the Terms and Conditions and blank booking form (WORD document download)
Click here for the Terms and Conditions and blank booking form (PDF)

Click here for an indication of charges

Click here for layout of the centre

Click here for a map of the local car parks

Click here for photographs and details of all our rooms

Click here for some more detailed information for caterers

Click here for our current calendar, showing the availability of all our rooms

To enquire about a one-off or regular booking:
Please contact us by emailing Please include as much detail as you can in the email (eg Your own contact details, the type of event, probable numbers of people attending, possible date/s and times, etc). We will reply to confirm suitability/availability/costs/etc.

You can also phone 07513 883917 and leave a message, but emails are preferable and often quicker. 

Please bear in mind that the majority of staff are volunteers and that the centre is not continuously staffed.