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We currently use the pew sheet, the noticeboards, the email circulation and the website to communicate information. If you would prefer something else (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) please let Margaret Woodward or David Cutts know.

Prayer Chain
Do you know someone who would appreciate prayers for themselves or others? The members of the Prayer Chain will include your requests in their prayers. All requests are confidential. So many people have appreciated the prayers. June Youngs Ipswich 213694 and Maureen Woodcock Ipswich 715891 will be pleased to pass the messages, via email or telephone, to the other members of the Prayer Chain.

Would you be interested in joining the members of the Prayer Chain? Requests are passed on by email or telephone, whichever is more convenient. You will be asked to pray for individuals or families during a difficult or worrying time in their lives. We would welcome additional links in the chain.


Chapel Gifts

We are very grateful for some beautifully made items for the chapel which have been given recently in memory of loved ones

  • The Aumbry light in memory of Gillian Sellgren
  • The Prayer Candle stand in memory of Marion Taylor
  • New bibles have been purchased with funds from a bequest from Isobel Smith
  • The hanging light in memory of Ernie Caddick


On Sunday, 27th November 2016, the new hanging Chapel light was dedicated in memory of Ernie Caddick.


Ernie and Kitty Caddick were married at St. Margaret’s on December 26th 1931 and they and then their family have worshipped there ever since. After retiring as Dairyman, Ernie became warden of the Church Centre, in Bolton Lane. Later he took on the role of the Verger at the church until he retired again at the age of 83.


Ernie was an advocate of good lighting and he would have loved the new light. His family were very proud to be present at the Advent Carol Service to see the light dedicated in his memory.

February Prayer Diary

January Prayer Diary  


Celtic Worship is on the move!  We will be using Celtic liturgy at the monthly second Sunday evening communion (beginning this evening) and John will be leading our thoughts on a series on the Pilgrim’s Progress.  From January on the first Sunday evening we will be reverting to Evening Worship led by the music group. 

Leadership at St Margaret’s

The Church Council has been thinking about a revised leadership structure at St Margaret’s.  The proposals were sent round on the email circulation on Friday and a paper copy is available on the table at the back of church.  As described in that paper there will be a meeting in church about the proposals on Sunday 28th January at 11.45 a.m. (i.e. after the 11 a.m. service) to which you are encouraged to come!

Wednesday evenings in church – 7.30 p.m. for 30 minutes – Evening Prayer with short address.  For the next few weeks we will be looking at some of the Psalms.






Christopher (Organist) is seeking to increase the number of children in the church choir. Practices are on Thursdays at 7pm - 8pm for children, and services on Sundays, usually at 11, though on the 4th Sunday at 6.30pm. The choir also sings at 9.30 on the first Sunday of the month. 


Children are paid pocket money for attending practise and services. They are also paid for weddings when the choir is involved.  


At the back of the church are some notices advertising the benefits of singing! Please take a look and if interested, speak either to Christopher or one of the choir members.


We are awaiting the installation of new boilers at church and the work that is associated with that.  The temperature in church is okay at the moment but it is getting colder obviously!).  As yet we do not have a date for the completion of the work.


Ecclesiastical Insurance, our Church and Church House insurers, are celebrating their 130th Anniversary this year.  As a gesture of appreciation for our continued support they have announced that £130 will be donated to our church in respect of each and every new Home Insurance policy taken out by members of our congregation in the next year. 


If you would like to know more or to obtain a quotation call 0800 783 0130 quoting TRUST130.  


  Please do look at the display of art work from the school on the board by the side of the organ.  I have asked the head if such displays could be a regular feature of our link with the school.














St Margaret's Bank details as follows:-
Bankers - Bank of Scotland
Current account number 00800145
Sort code 12-16-39